A Twitter-to-lorem ipsum generator that I made as a side-project to learn Node.js front-end development.

Twipsum was a small side project that I designed and built.

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet

Placeholder text is often used by designers to design quickly before content is written. Design aficionados will argue that this is a bad habit. And I agree for the most part, but I also can't deny the invaluable usefulness of "lorem ipsum" in certain situations. High brow debates about lorem ipsum aside, it is undoubtedly the king of all placeholder text, and the design industry has fun creating all sorts of lorem ipsum generators. There's the classic, but also hipster lipsum, gangsta lipsum, cupcake lipsum, and many others.

Pick, or search for a Twitter account, and placeholder text is generated for that account.

Twitter + Lorem ipsum = Twipsum

Wouldn't it be great if I could get placeholder text for a particular person? Say, a particular celebrity or public figure — and that was the birth of the idea behind Twipsum.

Scribbling ideas of how the UI will be laid out.

With Twipsum, you can quickly get placeholder text for your most loved, or hated, public figures. Because if you'll follow a design anti-pattern and use placeholder text instead of real text, then you should do so in style.

Exploring the art direction and mocking up the home page.

The way Twipsum works is that on the server side, it talks to the Twitter servers via an API, and request a list of tweets from a particular user. That list of tweets is then formatted, and displayed on screen as Twitter lipsum. Not rocket science, but a good exercise in learning Node.js.

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