Digital Strategy

Comprehensive product review, research and a clear product and marketing strategy for your site or app.

Two people discussing strategy over some paper scribbles.

I've over a decade of experience analysing product strategy for startups, Fortune 500 companies, Harvard University and the Australian government.

The digital strategy package can include:

Different deliverables from user research reports from quick status update messages to in-depth multi-page reports. Small projects need fast turnaround, and quick and short dot points for next steps. Big projects sometimes require a more thorough strategy and analysis.

Turnaround Time

In most cases from a few days to a week or two. Depends on the scope of your project and how busy I am with other projects.

Damir is a one-of-a-kind excellent designer with a real sense for product: An unbeatable match, making it very satisfying to have been able to work together.
Roelof Pieters CEO at

Email me if you'd like me to help you define a winning digital strategy for your website, app or eCommerce product.

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