Web Development

I build responsive, accessible, performant, and SEO optimised sites and web apps.

Photo showing Twipsum, a web app I built, and the source code that runs it.
A Node.js app I built. The story was featured on Hacker Noon.

I've written and pushed code live on high profile sites receiving millions of visitors per day. Sites where it's absolutely essential that code is reviewed and meets quality criteria. Sites like Envato Market and I approach web development the way I do design, with an eye for detail and motivation to produce high quality work — with no time to waste.

Sites I've contributed to

In collaboration with teams of developers. Conversion Rate Optimisation

  • eCommerce
  • CRO
  • Web performance
  • Accessibility

Increasing conversion by tens of millions of euros per year at HQ in Amsterdam, Netherlands. The details of this work are confidential.


  • eCommerce
  • Design sprint
  • Prototyping

A beautiful stock photo marketplace created in a design sprint. Converted 40x better than the previous product.

Sites I've built

The website you're viewing now, and the following:

What I build

UI development

I build static sites, like the website you're viewing right now, and I use Jekyll as my static site framework of choice. I code in HTML, CSS and jQuery. Simple, proven, and effective. I use Git for version control and Github for collaboration with other developers.

Vue.js, React.js, Node.js and Rails theming

I don't normally take on entire builds using these frameworks, but I have interacted with them enough in the past in order to collaborate with other developers and handle UI theming on these projects. I'll pull the repo down, theme the UI and push the branch to Github — a much faster and more pleasant experience than a million back-and-forths where I ask devs to nudge pixels around.

What I don't do

If you're looking to build advanced sites like Twitter and Facebook; or apps like Uber, Spotify, or AR and mobile games, then I'll scout for a software engineer who can bring our vision to life. I'll collaborate with them and quality control the build to make sure that the final product is built to pixel-perfection. I can discuss this with you before we start a new project.

Quality code

I cast a designer's eye for detail over the output of my work, but importantly, I also make sure that the code itself is of high quality.

I aim for 90+ scores on Google Chrome DevTools audits. This is an industry standard tool to measure code quality.


I create sites that cater to mobile, tablet, and desktop — designed to fit any screen, on all modern devices.


Simple design makes for accessible design, and here I similarly aim for 90+ scores on the Chrome DevTools audit. This meets the criteria for the majority of products. I've also worked on's accessibility team where we went beyond WCAG 2.0 compliance and conducted accessibility testing with customers with disabilities.


If your site doesn't load quickly, then visitors will abandon it. Plain and simple. The definition of "fast enough" varies from site to site. Users expect a product page to load in a snap of their fingers, but it's okay for a 3D virtual tour to take a little longer. It's all about context. My rule of thumb is to optimise performance for 90+ scores on Chrome's DevTools.

SEO optimised

By following proper accessibility standards, we're half way there when it comes to optimising your website to appear high on Google search results. Again, I am for 90+ scores on Chrome's DevTools for search engine optimisation.

Shareable and social meta tag optimised

First impressions matter, and your website will make a first impression even before anyone has visited it. How? Because users see a snippet of your website whenever it is shared on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or via instant messaging. I can always spot the difference between a B-grade and an A-grade website, based on this factor alone, before even opening the link.

Damir is one of the best designers I've worked with in my 10+ year career as a web developer. He inherently understands the technicality of front end development, empathizes with the user, and cuts straight through to value for client and user. He is multi-talented and I would recommend him for product, design, or front-end development.
Daniel Rekshan Fine artist and web developer at Archimedes Digital

Feel free to take a look at my Github profile. And, email me if you'd like to have a web developer — with the eye of a designer — in charge of building your next web project.

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