Geological Services Queensland Open Data Portal

Designing a big data portal containing petabytes of geological mining data.

Data-informed mining

Queensland Government's Department of Natural Resources, Mines and Energy is making geological data more accessible. Empowering industry with vast amounts of geological data enables better strategic decision making in Queensland's $38 billion dollar per year mining industry.

My role was to come aboard and lead the design phase of this project. The main user requirements were identified in video call meetings with key stakeholders. I then created a design solution that would meet those user requirements, while utilising the CKAN framework and Queensland government's design framework.

Introducing the aim of the project — to bridge the gap between scientists and industry.

Target audience

Rio Tinto and BHP Billiton are some of Australia's household names. This portal needs to cater to everyone from corporate teams working from skyscrapers in the big cities, to "two blokes in a ute with a slight sunburn and a beard" surveying sites on-location.

The pool of portal users ranges from mining industry executives, to surveyors, researchers, and academia.

Designing the portal

I opted for my usual "no-nonsense simplicity" approach when tackling the design direction for this project. As usual, this simple approach paid off because this direction is accessible, performant, and fast to develop — an important factor given the tight deadline for the project.

Discovering datasets using faceted search.

Government design system compliant

Queensland Government's Single Website Experience lays out a set of colours, typographic styles, and components that all new websites and portals of Queensland Government are to use. The design directions here follows this framework in order to help promote a consistent user experience, meet accessibility criteria more easily, as well as enable faster development time.

I delivered a design direction for this project in less than 40 hours of work. My deliverables were a set of high-fidelity mockups and a clickable prototype, illustrating the intended navigation of the portal. This project is on a tight deadline, and the fast turnaround time meant continuing on track for a timely delivery.

The GSQ Open Data Portal is scheduled for launch in 2020.

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