Maker of digital products.

Pencil sketch of Damir at work.

Vozdra! I'm Damir.

Designer, coder, UX teacher, and travel photography hobbyist. Former data crunching designer at — world's biggest accommodation site. Now product strategist and design thinking facilitator at Archimedes Digital.

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Archimedes Digital General Assembly Envato


I helped one large e-commerce site increase revenue by €42 million per year.

That's the sum of all my conversion increases, measured using A/B testing. Other boastfully remarkable achievements include increasing conversion by 40x in a single design sprint, helping launch the career of 18 design students, and — most importantly — winning the Envato Football Cup.


"Making it pretty" Crafting impactful digital products since 2009.

A designer is an emerging synthesis of artist, inventor, mechanic, objective economist and evolutionary strategist. R. Buckminster Fuller

I help turn ideas into reality across web, mobile, and XR. Previously tackled accessibility, performance and payments for a global audience at, worked on the search team at Envato, and taught as Lead UX instructor at General Assembly in Melbourne.

A glance at some of my work.
A board filled with images and screenshots of apps used to inspire possibilities at the start of a project.
Mood board to inspire and map the creative space.
Envato coworkers gathered around cards we shuffled around to agree on information architecture.
Card sorting exercise to explore information architecture.
Pages from user research report printed out and pinned on wall at Envato office.
Understanding customers with qualitative user research.

Design thinking facilitation.

Group problem solving, minus "group think".

A five day design sprint at Envato.

I help teams innovate by running remote design sprints.

Laptop with six design sprint participants and tablet used for sketching and collaboration.
Facilitating a remote design sprint with the folks at
Envato team colleagues watching video highlights of user research I prepared for the session.
Presenting user research at the start of a product roadmap session.
The result of a remote design sprint with Archimedes Digital.
Design mockups with dots marking ideas the team agrees on.
The result of a design sprint at Envato.
First slide of presentation for Design Party with audience gathered in background.
Organising a company-wide design thinking session at Envato.
Envato employees in the middle of an idea sketching workshop.
Democratised design: Getting everyone involved in the design process.

Teaching design.

Helping 18 people with no prior experience start their UX career.

All my students found UX work after completing the course. Most notably for Telstra Digital, PwC Australia, MYOB and Monash College. Wipes proud tear.

Scenes from my time teaching design at General Assembly in Melbourne.
Design students rapidly mapping out problem space using sticky notes.
Mapping out the problem space.
Design students standing in front of screenshot printouts stuck to a blackboard.
Exploring early design direction using a collaborative mood board.
Damir giving talk in General Assembly classroom.
Setting the early foundations in Week 1.

During the course, we covered everything from the basics of design principles, all the way to rapid protoyping, facilitating design sprints and surviving toxic corporate cultures. All about my time teaching design at General Assembly.



Turn Wikipedia pages into documentaries. Or as milennial kids these days call it: Wikipedia 'n chill.

Paintings of the starry night painted by a rather artistic bot.
Screenshot of Minihero website showing a sample Minihero mission in Amsterdam.

Think of Wikiflix as " but for an immersive audio-visual experience of Wikipedia pages". A work in progress.


Photos crafted into iconic paintings with the power of machine learning.

Paintings of the starry night painted by a rather artistic bot.
Screenshot of Minihero website showing a sample Minihero mission in Amsterdam.

Can bots paint? Turns out they're a really talented bunch. was an experiment in playing with machine learning.


An open-source site connecting nearby volunteers, all around the globe.

Minihero's Batman-inspired poster with person looking over a city with a big 'M' spotlight illuminating the night sky.
Screenshot of Minihero website showing a sample Minihero mission in Amsterdam.

Minihero (no longer live) is an open source project I built while riding a scooter from café to coworking space in Bali. Read the story of Minihero, and why it was made.


A Twitter to Lorem Ipsum Generator. Just for the lolz.

Monitor showing Twipsum website and a snippet of its codebase.
Screenshot of Twipsum website showing lorem ipsum text from the satirical @Queen_UK twitter account.

I built Twipsum as a way to learn full-stack development. The story of how it was made was featured on Hackernoon.

Photography and videography.

Showreel of aerial footage recorded in Australia.

Falcon Films and Falcon Stock were two MVPs for aerial photography ventures I tried starting up in Australia. Didn't succeed, but was plenty of fun trying.

World-renowned surf destination Bells Beach, Australia.
Aerial footage recorded for Melbourne Ska Orchestra.
A warmly coloured shot of a sandy beach at sunset, with waves breaking, and cliffs on the other side.
Aerial of Jan Juc surf beach in Australia.
Close-up shot of a monkey's face with snowflakes falling in front of it.
Monkey in the snow, Japan.
Intricately detailed stone Buddha statue overlooking the surrounding forest at Borobodur.
Borobodur, Java.
Black and white photo of bicycle riders on cobblestone street in Amsterdam.
A little Henri Cartier-Bresson in Amsterdam.
Overcrowded street in Morocco's tourist capital.
The dense streets of Marrakech.
Rice farmer working on rice paddy near a small, controlled fire.
Rice field in Ubud, Bali.

If you like these photographs, check out A Photographic Journey Through Wondrous Bali and Java. Or follow me on Unsplash.


Putting humans — not technology or money — at the center.

The next great wave of human advancements will come with global automisation of labour, open source decentralised computing, and collaboration instead of employment. The ideas of the following people, in particular, light a fire in my belly.

Bucminster Fuller standing in front of one of his signature geodesic domes.
"Our new economic basis wouldn't be gold or dollars; it would be kilowatt hours." — Buckminster Fuller.
Peter Joseph speaking at podcast.
Peter Joseph putting forward the idea for a new economic system based on automation and design based on open source collaboration.
Carl Sagan smiling at a public event.
Carl Sagan understood that facts and data don't win hearts, but well-told stories do.
Alain De Botton giving a talk.
Alain De Botton bringing philosophy and art to the masses.
Portrait of Leonardo da Vinci
Leo, the OG designer-developer.

Email me if you're building something meaningful to society, and could use an extra pair of brains.

❤️ Inclusive design.

At I created accessible, performant and inclusive experiences for a global audience spanning 140 countries, and 44 supported languages.

I'm especially fond of the idea that a person with a visual impairment can make accommodation bookings using a screen reader, in their native Bahasa Indonesia, and even if they're on a spotty 3G connection. Now that's empowering!

Design as a science.

Design isn't mystical, supernatural woo woo.

At, I developed a comprehensive understanding of how to use data and A/B testing to increase engagement. I back every design decisions with logic, and whenever available, data.


Jack of all trades, master of none being jack of all trades.

As a generalist I focus on problem solving with customising ready-made solutions. Step one is always not reinventing the wheel, and Zapier is the #1 tool for doing so.

Pen, paper and Realtimeboard are for ideating, Figma and Adobe Creative Suite for creative work, and Trello for keeping work on track.

HTML, CSS, jQuery, NodeJS for development. Google Cloud and Heroku for hosting. That's it. Simple does it.


I'm an introvert that works best alone and remotely.

In the age of the indie maker one skilled digital craftsperson can compete with entire teams of people by being given a problem to solve, and the autonomy and support to solve it. In return I take initiative, communicate clearly with people that depend on me, and measure the effectiveness of my work.

Most inventors and engineers I've met are like me. They're shy and they live in their heads. The very best of them are artists. And artists work best alone. Steve "The Woz" Wozniak


Ramblings on work, design, photography, society and things unrelated.

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