Multidisciplinary designer bringing digital products to life — for fledgling startups and Fortune 500 giants all around the world.

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Portfolio Highlights

Booking.com Conversion Optimisation

Increasing conversion by an estimated €30 – €40 million per year at Booking.com HQ in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Ideaverse Machine Learning App

Going from concept to prototype for an AI startup in Berlin, Germany.

Design Sprint at Envato

Innovating at a company closing in on USD $1 billion in community revenue, in Melbourne, Australia.

Damir is a great all-rounder. Keen to get his hands dirty in all aspects: from assisting with research through to running workshops and writing code.
Chris Thelwell Director of Product Design at EY-Seren

Organisations and Clients

My work spans a wide spectrum of sectors, and companies of all sizes.


I help bring digital products to life.

As a multidisciplinary designer I cover everything from product reviews and UX analyses, to customer and market research, design sprint facilitation, UX design for mobile, web, AR and VR, prototype creation and user testing, UI development in HTML/CSS/JavaScript, design system creation, product roadmap creation and design mentorship. Totalling over 11 years of industry experience and over 3 years of remote work experience.

I take pride in my ability to deliver high quality work, no matter the project, industry, technology or task at hand.

Available for hire.

Predominently located in Geelong, Australia, I work remotely with clients from all over the world. Connect with me on LinkedIn or email me.