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Digital Designer

Damir Kotorić has over 10 years of global experience designing and coding digital products — from startups to Fortune 500.


Years commercial experience designing for web, mobile, AR, VR

Teaching design at General Assembly.

AR app design for Zhejiang museum.

AR app concept for The Parthenon.

Innovating in digital humanities in collaboration with humanities professors at Harvard.

Concept for a machine learning assisted moodboarding app.

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Spanning web, mobile, AR and VR. Everything from small eCommerce sites, large marketplaces, museum apps, design systems, accessibility, and much more.

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The full spectrum of digital design.

Everything from initial guidance and design, through to prototyping, development, and launch. I help create digital apps from start to finish.

Companies & Clients.

A glance at my contributions over the years. And, the exceptional people I collaborated with — from kindling startups to Fortune 500.

Explored a cross-platform payment system, and improved website performance. A/B tests showed a 2,423 increase in bookings per day from my contributions. That’s an estimated increase in EUR €35 million per year!

Damir has excellent design acumen (in and outside of code), an uncompromising dedication to ethics, and a drive to elevate products to their greatest potential.
Christopher Sledge, UX Designer at Booking.com
His ideas are never, ever, ever boring.
Fiorella Rizzà, Senior UX Copywriter at Booking.com

Explored and prototyped innovative digital products for academia. Like New Alexandria, a product aiming to set a new standard for the publishing of academic commentaries on ancient Greek, Egyptian, Persian texts.

Set the vision for Orpheus, the agency’s flagship product. Lead the exploration of concept ideas and prototypes that helped secure 20+ projects ranging from work with Harvard University professors, archaeologists digging at Pompei, and university museums in China.

Damir is one of the best designers I have worked with in my 10+ year career as a web developer. He inherently understands the technicality of front end development, empathizes with the user, and cuts straight through to value for client and user. He is multi-talented and I would recommend him for product, design, or front-end development roles.
Daniel Rekshan, Senior Front End Engineer at Archimedes Digital

My job was to improve the search and browsing experience on Envato Market, the company’s flagship product. Research, in-field user interviews, design sprint ideation, prototyping, user testing — the whole gamut of design work.

Damir is a great all-round designer. Keen to get his hands dirty in all aspects of the role from assisting with research through to running workshops and writing code.
Chris Thelwell, Head of UX at Envato

Explored uncharted territory in human computer interaction for a European AI startup that aims to augment the work of creative professionals using machine learning.

Damir is a one-of-a-kind excellent designer with a real sense for product.
Roelof Pieters, CEO at creative.ai

Helped launch new design careers as Lead UX instructor. All 18 of my students succeeded in landing design roles — some at Australia’s top comanies like Telstra, PwC, MYOB, and Monash College.

Damir is highly empathetic and measured which made him an excellent mentor and guide to others in their UX journey.
Matthew McCrae Johnson, Program Producer at GA

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